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AirReport Pro - METAR & TAF

3.25 usd

View up-to-date METAR and TAF aviation weather from NOAA in a user friendly dashboard. View raw or decoded using metric or imperial. AirReport contains an inbuilt database of worldwide airport weather stations that can be searched by ICAO, IATA or name. The PRO version contains additional functionality beyond the Lite version including:
* Multiple dashboards (group your stations)* Unrestricted dashboard* Sortable dashboard.* Adjustable FRI rules.* Auto refreshing.* IATA codes.* METAR history.
The Pro version has free upgrades for the life of the product.
The price of the Pro version may increase as more functionality is added, so its worth considering buying early!
If you have any enhancements that you would like to see included in the Pro version, please email us.
There is also a Lite version of AirReport available.
Please Note - we cant respond to comments posted on the market; PLEASE EMAIL US... we may be able to help you quickly! and its always great to hear from people who use the app.